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BNI Offer

The following promotional offerings are available for BNI members and visitors.

7 Steps To An Effective Business Plan

This free 7 day program is designed to walk you through creating your business plan, by sending you an email each day, with information on how to complete the next part of your business plan template, and with links to additional information and resources. Consider it your daily guide to building your business plan over the next 7 days. Already have a business plan? No problem! This could be a good guide for you to tweak your current business plan. 

Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with your business plan template to download. Following that, you will receive 7 daily emails (starting on the day of sign up) walking you through your business plan in the following order:

  • Day 1 - Verifying Your Market

  • Day 2 - Identifying Any Capacity and Delivery Issues

  • Day 3 - Analyzing Financial Feasibility

  • Day 4 - Showing That You Can Compete

  • Day 5 - Outlining Your Pricing And Margins

  • Day 6 - Becoming Business Compliant

  • Day 7 - Creating A Marketing Plan


Where it may be helpful, links for additional resources are provided for download. 

Online Finances

6 Ways To Drive Your Revenue

After taking this online course you will understand the drivers behind your revenue, know the significant impact to your revenue that specific changes to these drivers can have, and have a drafted plan of specific actions you can take to drive your revenue. 

This course is normally $149 USD. To register for this online course for free, use the promo code: BNIPromo

This offer expires July 31, 2022

This course has over an hour of lecture time, in bite sized chunks, and you should be able to work through it, including working through the templates and resources provided, in a morning or afternoon. 

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