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Business Optimization

Our Business Optimization program is for business owners who are looking to enhance the value of their business, whether it's with the potential sale of the business in mind, or simply looking to maximize profit, or both. This starts by establishing a valuation estimate baseline, and then works through areas of your business where you can enhance value, with the result being a list of actionable tasks that you can do to increase the value of your business. 

BasePoint Accounting And Finance Inc. Business Optimization

9 Systematic Steps

In our Business Optimization program, we walk through 9 steps with you, to help you increase the value of your business. The end result of our program is a specific action plan of tasks that you can do to increase the value of your business, a model forecast of your company's financial information and an improved business valuation estimate to see the anticipated impact of your action plan. We will also work with you to establish performance management mechanisms, to help you stay on track with your action plan, to maximize the results that you get from our program. Whether you are looking to increase the value or your business for future sale, or if you are looking to maximize the profit from your business now, or both, our Business Optimization program will allow you to lay out the specific actions to take. 


If you are looking for a guide to help you navigate your business toward your goals, click here to schedule a complementary introductory meeting, where we will hear more about your business, determine how we can best help you with your goals, and enable you to determine if we would be the right fit to help you with your business goals.  


If you want to get started improving the value of your business yourself, to get the ball rolling, enter your information below to subscribe to our free Business Optimization email program, where you will receive an email each week for the next few months, walking you through the steps outlined above. Emails will include specific action items for you to take for the week, as well as downloadable resources that you can use as you work to optimize your business. 

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