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If you are looking to complete your Canadian personal or corporate taxes, our tax preparation and EFILE services are 

created to simplify the process and to ensure you are not waiting on your tax return wondering where things are at. From checklists to get you started, to updates while we're working on your taxes to keep you in the loop, integrated tax planning between your personal and corporate taxes, and our guaranteed 10 business day turnaround time to complete your taxes for you, our goal is to help remove the unnecessary nuisances from the necessity of tax preparation and filing. 

Our Process

Our goal is to keep things streamlined and straight-forward. Here's how to move forward with our Tax Services. 

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss your taxes, and to see if we are a good fit for your needs in this area.  

Click Here to schedule your meeting now. 

Streamlined Processing

If it looks like we can help you with what you need, from our meeting, we will send you a proposal. Once approved, we will walk you through what we need from you, and how to upload everything for us. Once we have everything from you, we can get started! 

Taxes Done!

Our service commitment guarantee is to have your tax return prepared for your review within 10 business days of having received everything from you. Once you sign off on it, we'll EFILE it with the CRA.  

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