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Tax Estimates

No one likes to be blindsided when it comes to the amount of taxes they may need to pay. While most people earning a salary or wages in Canada typically have source deductions withheld from their pay to ensure they pay sufficient income taxes during the year, this may be more difficult with self-employed individuals, who may wonder if their instalments will cover their tax-liability for the year, or individuals or corporations who may have out-of-the ordinary taxable events, who may wonder what the tax implications will be. Our tax estimate service will help you get a better picture of your potential tax situation well in advance, allowing for proper planning and preparation, rather than being left wondering until your tax returns have been prepared. 

If you would like us to prepare a tax estimate for you, please click the button above to schedule a meeting with us. After completing the form, you can anticipate the following steps:

1. We will email you a link from which you can schedule a date and time that works best to meet to discuss your specific situation. 


2. If you would like us to proceed with preparing a tax estimate for you, we will email you a proposal. Once signed, we will provide you with clear next steps to get everything started. 


3. Once we have received all your documents, we'll get started on your tax estimate, and we'll keep you posted along the way until it's done! Once it's completed, you will receive a summary for your review, as well as a video walk-through explaining how your tax estimate was prepared. 

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