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Cash Flow Management

Are you making decisions for your business based on the balance in your bank, and are unsure if those decisions will put you in a tight cash position down the road? Our Cash Flow service will solve that problem by giving you a clear picture of your cash over the next few weeks and months, and a forecast of the upcoming year, which allows you to most efficiently utilize the cash in your business.   

Our Cash Flow service provides you with a regular pulse on your cash flow, helping you have a better understanding of your financial performance, allowing you to make more informed decisions impacting your cash, and giving you peace of mind knowing your cash flow is being proactively managed.

What Does Our Cash Management Service Look Like?

  • Establish an optimal working cash balance target for your specific business

  • Review of existing bank and credit accounts and objectives

  • Creation of a dynamic 6 to 12 week cash flow forecast which will be updated weekly

  • Weekly Zoom meetings (30min) with you and/or your accounting team, where we look at where you are currently with your cash, identify upcoming cash inflows and outflows, and update what your cash position will look like over the coming weeks and months as we update your cash flow forecast.

  • Provision of a 12 month rolling cash flow forecast (long-term)

  • Cash management plan to help you best utilize the cash in your business, while taking into account key drivers impacting cash, such as recurring revenue, receivables and payables timing, sales pipeline, growth projections, budgeted OpEx and CapEx, payroll, taxes, client dependency, risk tolerance, and the nature of your industry.  

Meeting Between Colleagues

Answers to some common questions:

This service is billed monthly at the beginning of each month, and can be cancelled at any time.

Cash Flow Management requires regular ongoing upkeep of your financial records, and reconciliation of your bank accounts on a weekly basis (for clients looking for weekly updates to 13 week cash flow forecasts). Before requesting this service, ensure your accounting team is prepared for this cadence, or be prepared to outsource this to BasePoint CPA, as we can actively do this in order to position you to get the greatest benefit from our Cash Flow Management services.

If you are interested in Cash Flow Management, but are unable to commit to a weekly cadence, we can discuss working on a monthly cadence, with the goal of moving to a weekly cadence, in order to keep your cash flow forecast as tight as possible.

Our Process

To gain better control and management over your cash flow, here's how you can move forward. 

The purpose of this meeting is to see if we are a good fit for your business, and to discuss the service in greater depth, and to ensure it is something you are positioned to benefit from. Click Here to schedule your meeting now. 

Streamlined Onboarding

If it looks like we can help you with what you need, from our meeting, we will send you a proposal. Once approved, we will walk you through our streamlined onboarding process, in order to get things started as soon as possible, as this doesn't have to be a long and complicated process. 

Cash Management Set

Once everything is connected, we will schedule out your weekly Zoom cash flow meetings, and you will soon enter into a great regular rhythm which gives you peace of mind and a strong awareness of what your cash flow will look like over the coming weeks, months, and even year.   

Want to have control over your cash flow?

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