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Virtual Controller & CFO 

Our Virtual Controller and CFO services allow your business to have the finance lead coverage it needs, in situations where your business has grown to the point of needing full coverage in this area, but you haven't yet mapped out the role and responsibilities that you wish to hire for, or in situations where your business is in transition and needing temporary financial oversight. 


Virtual Controller

Our Virtual Controller services provide the oversight of accounting operations on a contract basis, including the preparation of financial statements and other relevant reports. Virtual Controller Services offered by BasePoint are tailored based on your business needs, and may include the following:

  • Manage and train existing accounting team

  • Oversee accounting operations 

  • Manage and review month-end close procedures

  • Review quality of record keeping

  • Prepare monthly interim financial reports

  • Management reporting

  • Review and implement internal controls

  • Oversee tax and regulatory compliance

  • Presentation of financial information to stakeholders

  • Assist with the hiring and onboarding of full-time Controller

Virtual CFO

Our Virtual CFO services provide higher level financial leadership for businessess and organizations, implementing financial strategies that are aligned with the overall corporate strategy, with the analysis, models, tools and systems needed to do so. Virtual CFO Services offered by BasePoint are tailored based on your business needs, and may include the following:

  • Budgeting and budget variance analysis

  • Cash flow management and forecasting

  • Dynamic financial forecasting

  • Performance management

  • Risk management

  • Working capital management

  • Tax planning 

  • Strategic planning

  • Profitability analysis

  • Systems implementation

  • Due diligence

  • Presentation of financial information to stakeholders

  • Assist with the hiring and onboarding of full-time CFO

Business Meeting

What's The Difference?

The best way to sum it up is that our Virtual Controller services oversee the accounting operations, financial reporting, and the compliance side of your business, whereas our Virtual CFO services integrate financial operations with your strategic plan, and allow for forecasting and performance management systems to help keep a continuous pulse on the progress toward your strategic objectives. 


When do I need a Virtual Controller or CFO?

While there is no hard rule for this, as each business is different, what we have found to be the case is that for companies with topline revenue less than $1.5M, it may be difficult to budget for a full-time Controller, and even Fractional Controller, and so the Business Health Check option may be best suited for you. 

For businesses with topline revenue greater than $1.5M, you may begin to benefit from Virtual Controller and CFO services (depending on how tied to strategy you want the financial operations to be). Above the $10M mark in topline revenue, many companies find value in having their own in-house finance lead. As your business grows along this trajectory, we can help you by covering your financial leadership needs along the way, including helping you in the hiring and onboarding process should you need to fill that role within your business.  

Financial Consultation

Our Process

Our goal is to keep things streamlined and straight-forward. Here's how to move forward with our Virtual Controller and CFO services. 

The purpose of this meeting is to see if we are a good fit for your business, and to get a thorough understanding of what you need for your the financial operations of your Business. 

Click Here to schedule your meeting now. 

Confirm Your Needs

During our meeting we will learn what is important for your business, and the scope of fractional services needed to accomplish what you need. We will then provide a tailored proposal with multiple options you can choose from. Once approved, we will reach out to make arrangements to get started. 

Finance Leadership A Go

You can rest easy knowing that someone is overseeing the financial operations of your business, that your reporting requirements are being met, and that you can have a regular pulse on how your business is doing, based on the financial information, so you can make informed and strategic decisions as your business grows. 

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